Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy birthday, Cupcake

There's a sad story behind this onesie.  Well, not sad so much as pathetic.

So, my friend Kandis asked me to embellish this little onesie for her little cutie's first birthday.   She's got serious photo skills, so in exchange, I made her take photos at Grace's birthday party.   And also watch my dog.  Cause I'm user like that.  But that's not the sad part.  The sad part is that I made the onesie a couple weeks ahead of when Kandis needed it.  I photographed it, wrapped it up, and then I lost it.  Completely.  Gone.  I spent a week searching the house, the van, and everywhere I'd been.

So, with one day to spare, I went to Old Navy and bought the LAST long sleeved onesie on the rack, and whipped up another one.

In the end, I actually liked the second one better, mostly because I thought of making the frosting poof removable.  It's much easier to wash now, and as a bonus, Kandis can take it off and pin it to something else, if she's so inclined.

You'll have to take my word for it that it was better the second time around.  Because guess what?  I lost the photos.  Gone.  Completely.

And that's the sad part of the story.


Edited to add:  Well, lookie here!  Scrolling through photos today, I found the pics from the second version (the one I actually gave to Kandis) in a folder from 2010.  Weird.   I wonder where I'll find the onesie I lost.  Anyone have a time machine?

Anyway, here's version 2.

And a shot of the removable poof.

The end.


Peanut said...

Adorable! So, when's the next get together for crafting? 'Cuz I want you to teach me about that poof!

Princess Gerty said...

This will cheer you up... One day that wrapped present will be found, and you will have someone new to give it to. Also, this is the cutest idea ever and I wish I had a daughter turning one just to enjoy it.

kandis said...

obviously I need to check out this blog a little more often! I LOVE LOVE LOVED that onesie! and I don't know about "mad" photo skills, or really even skills at all. Just a really fun hobby :)