Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hair Bows

My friend Lizzy asked me to make a batch of hairbows for her trio of beautiful girls.

 She even paid me to do it.

I'm quite certain I got the better end of the deal.  I spent a pleasant afternoon watching movies and crafting, and I used  up a bunch of things that had been in my stash forever.

 Grace would not consent to be photographed, so I got a couple of Grace's friends to help model.

Aren't they cute?

But the star of the shoot was baby Roselind.

You gotta have presence to wear a flower bigger than your head.  

But honestly, look at this baby, and tell me you even noticed  that flower. 
With a face like that, she could strap a cactus to her head and still be snuggle-able.   
Maybe I'd better check my stash for a cactus.

Dear Sarah Jane

Send me your address, and I will send you a surprise.

You'll never guess what it is!

I hope that these stripes are not too girly for the men in your household.  I don't think so though.  If anyone's got the good looks and boyish charm to pull off pastel stripes, it's your guys.

And I hope your little lady is not too old for twirly skirts.  Cause this one's twirly.  And if it were my size, I'd keep it.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Easter

I've been scrolling through photos today, in preparation for a Top Secret Craft Project,* and I found these from last Easter. 

Actually, these were taken several weeks after Easter.  Because as you can see the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom.  And here in Buffalo, it might still be snowing on Easter Sunday.

Definitely not onesie weather.

Anyway, I've been thinking about what to do for this Easter.  And I'm trying to decide:  are polka dots too girly for my boys' neckties?

And, is this 8-inch bow too big for my girl's head?

Let me know ASAP, cause I've got Easter outfits to make.


 * Want to hear about my Top Secret Craft Project? Ask me, and I just might tell you.

Baby Shoes

The only thing cuter than baby shoes is baby feet.  That's what I always say.

But it'd be pretty creepy to give baby feet to a new mom, so I usually settle for shoes.  Like these.

I used the Taylor Shoe pattern from Homespun Threads.  She's got some really cute designs, and they're all free, which you know I love.  There were a few confusing steps, but overall these were pretty easy to whip up.

I used fabric from from a pair of old cords (outside) and a stained t-shirt (inside), which happened to perfectly match a set of onesies I bought on a clearance rack months and months ago.  Awesome.  Semi-homemade gifting at its finest.

Except, can I make just one little confession?  I actually made these in preparation for a baby shower for my friend Erin.  But if you know my friend Erin, you know that she had a girl.  And if I paid a little more attention to the invitation before I made a gift, I'd have known that too.  No worries though!  I have lots of friends, and they have lots of babies.  So it didn't take long to find some baby (boy) feet to go inside the baby (boy) shoes; Betzy's little sweetheart Jakob.  And now, to come up with something for a girl!  (Sorry Erin!  Not only am I dumb, I'm also slow.)

Happy birthday, Cupcake

There's a sad story behind this onesie.  Well, not sad so much as pathetic.

So, my friend Kandis asked me to embellish this little onesie for her little cutie's first birthday.   She's got serious photo skills, so in exchange, I made her take photos at Grace's birthday party.   And also watch my dog.  Cause I'm user like that.  But that's not the sad part.  The sad part is that I made the onesie a couple weeks ahead of when Kandis needed it.  I photographed it, wrapped it up, and then I lost it.  Completely.  Gone.  I spent a week searching the house, the van, and everywhere I'd been.

So, with one day to spare, I went to Old Navy and bought the LAST long sleeved onesie on the rack, and whipped up another one.

In the end, I actually liked the second one better, mostly because I thought of making the frosting poof removable.  It's much easier to wash now, and as a bonus, Kandis can take it off and pin it to something else, if she's so inclined.

You'll have to take my word for it that it was better the second time around.  Because guess what?  I lost the photos.  Gone.  Completely.

And that's the sad part of the story.


Edited to add:  Well, lookie here!  Scrolling through photos today, I found the pics from the second version (the one I actually gave to Kandis) in a folder from 2010.  Weird.   I wonder where I'll find the onesie I lost.  Anyone have a time machine?

Anyway, here's version 2.

And a shot of the removable poof.

The end.