Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My dear friend Emily is leaving for a new job at Disney World.  Seriously, she gets to work at Disney World.  For money.

I knew she wouldn't want more junk to have to pack, but I wanted to give her a little something to send her off.  So I made this little toiletry bag, and filled it with snacks for the road.  (Chex Mix, red licorice, and peanut butter m&m's.  Plus a Taco Bell gift card.)

 I used three fat quarters in fun prints that remind me of Emily. 


And I lined it with clear vinyl, for easy cleaning of spilled foundation and smashed lipstick. (Or is that just me?)

I've seen cute laminated fabric/oilcloth projects, like this one, on other craft blogs.  I'm too cheap to buy real oilcloth, but I had some clear vinyl in my stash, and I've been wanting to see if it would work to overlay it on a printed fabric.

So, did it work?  

Ummm, for this project, not really.  It might be OK for something like this bib, or this book cover, but having the two interior sides facing each other turned out to be a major pain.  They kept sticking together, making the whole construction process a lot more cumbersome.  And I'm pretty sure it will affect usability too, since Emily will have to unstick it from itself just to load it up.  That is, until she spills foundation, lipstick, and loose powder inside.  Then it will be just right. 

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