Monday, May 16, 2011

A necklace stashtastical!

This little necklace is for a friend of a friend.

 I don't know her style at all, so I wanted to make something pretty and simple.  And if I could manage it, something with universal appeal.  

I'm not sure if I hit my target, but  I like it.

I've seen necklaces like this all over the place, so even if it is a little overly sweet and sentimental, at least it's trendy.

I earned major stash reduction points because the teardrop used to be an earring.  It's been in my broken jewelry bin for over a decade, so I was glad to finally put it to good use.

I wrapped it up in a little box that used to hold hotel soap.  It too has been in my stash for many years.

Isn't it cute? 

And that's why I have a stash that could rival the Hobby Lobby stock room.

Next, a necklace for my friend Britta, inspired by this and this and this and this.


The lovely model was stiched and painted by my Aunt Betty. It's one of a set of 10 or 12 quilt blocks, with each belle wearing a differnt vintage floral-print gown.   

When Aunt Betty passed away a few years ago, her extensive stash was divided up among interested relatives. I didn't have first pick or anything, but I love these little ladies so much I feel kinda bad for everyone else for not having them.

Maybe someday I will get brave enough to make them into a quilt. But until then, I like them framed on my buffet, as a backdrop to photoshoots. And life.

If I were selecting materials from the store, I'd have chosen a more delicate chain.  The rolo links are a little heavy in comparison to the rest of necklace.  But I shopped my only stash, and somehow I feel like that balances everything out.

The end. 


Peanut said...

I heart your stash. And those necklaces. And those little ladies. Oh, and you too.

Princess Gerty said...

Is there anything you cannot do? Oh my cousin, you are amazing! Plus, I also feel bad for me not getting those cute squares. But you so deserve them!!!