Thursday, August 26, 2010

More than Meets the Eye

For Daniel, who likes Transformers.  Watch out kid.  Your pants are on fire.

PS:  If you think those pants are hideous here (and I do), you should see them on a child.  Both of my kids tried them, and in both cases I wanted to gouge out my eyes.  They're too  '80s post-Hammer pants for my liking.  But I guess they work with the shirt.  As pajamas.  For someone else's kid.    Sorry Margaret.
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Princess Gerty said...

That is exactly what my first thought was! "Looks like Hammer Pants."

Daisy said...

Yeah, I was worried about the kid who'd already disintegrated from inside the flaming pants.

Markie said...

But Daniel LOVES them, and he doesn't know they look like Hamer pants, so it's a win all around!