Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Black Apple Dolls

I may be the last crafter on the Internet to discover Emily Martin and her Etsy shop, The Black Apple. But I'm sure glad I finally did, because making these little dolls (as featured on Martha) just might be my new addiction.

This first set went to a couple of strawberry blond cuties who just turned one.

Turning those skinny arms and legs right-side-out is a bit of a pain, but other than that these dolls are a breeze to make. Unless of course you have a giant stash of fabric. Then it will take you hours to contemplate all the possible combinations. Everything here came from the stash -- most of it from the stockpile I swindled from little old ladies. These vintage prints are perfectly suited for this sort of thing, aren't they? I'm already planning more for an almost three-year-old I know. Shhh! Don't tell Grace.


Peanut said...

Those are freakin' adorable!
If you're going to be making many of them, you might invest in a cool tool for turning fabric tubes.

Mrs. Donut said...

Cutest things ever! I am seeing your creativity go farther and farther with these things. I envision you sewing beaded necklaces and earrings on them, and tiny little mary-jane shoes and painted fingernails. Will you please teach me how to sew, because now I feel all inspired to start making dolls and stuff, too!

Amber said...

These are so cute and those strawberry blond cuties love them too! They just look at them and grin to their heart's content.

These could make a cute addition to the purses... you know if you wanted to make a 'set'.