Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I want it

I'm not really blog stalking, because I know her and she knows me and all that. But she doesn't necessarily know that I read her blog every single day even though it means I have to wipe up puddles of envious drool afterward. She's just so freaking fabulous, funny, and creative.

That's Cally.

And this is the bag I want.
What's that? You want it too? Then maybe you should go over there and tell her so. (Even though for my sake I'd prefer you don't. Because I want it.)


cally said...

Hi Diana! You are so funny...and you're no longer considered a stalker...I know you're out there.

How the heck are ya?!

Ree said...

Yeah, thanks for cluing me in to this giveaway. The envy factor keeps me from checking her blog any more than weekly. If the chances are low, I won't bother to enter. Then you'll be (slightly) more likely to win. Some time ago I figured my best chance at an original Cally bag was to have a baby, b/c she always gives them at showers. So that pretty much explains my present predicament.